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Women’s Clinic Brackenfell Cape Town, Providing safe, affordable and compassionate abortion and reproductive healthcare to all who need it without judgment. Your Abortion Clinic in Brackenfell Cape Town.

Located at Old Paarl Rd, Brackenfell South, Cape Town, 7560

For over 15 years, Women’s Clinic Brackenfell Cape Town, an Abortion Clinic in Cape Town has been providing safe, nonjudgmental and compassionate abortion care services. If you are pregnant and would like to consider your options – we are here to help and will support whatever decision you make. Men’s clinic of Johannesburg

women's clinic in Brackenfell Cape Town

Abortion Services in Brackenfell, Cape Town 

There are two types of abortion procedures: surgical and medication abortion. Both procedures are safe and effective. You can speak to our compassionate health educators to learn about your options and the services we provide, including medical and surgical abortion. Call us at 0791653574 to make an appointment today. Sandton Abortion Clinic

Abortion Pills at Dischem Price List range from R800 to R1700 at Womens clinic A medical abortion is less invasive and allows patients to be in their own home when the abortion occurs.

Medication Abortion

This procedure is available to patients in the first trimester of their pregnancy up to 11 weeks.

Abortion Clinic in Cape Town

Surgical Abortion

We offer surgical abortion services to patients in their first or second trimester of pregnancy.

Additional Information Women's Clinic Brackenfell Cape Town

Fetal Anomaly

This service is designed specifically for people and families who have made the difficult decision to end a wanted pregnancy due to a fetal anomaly.

Private Abortion Care

We understand that sometimes people have increased privacy concerns. For additional fees, we offer private appointments.

Abortion FAQs

How long does an appointment last? Will the procedure hurt? Is it safe? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Fast Track Care

We understand that sometimes people have schedule constraints. For additional fees, we offer fast track appointments.

Trauma Survivor Care

We provide sensitive care that has been specifically designed for survivors of sexual violence and trauma.

After care and what to expect after your abortion

You will receive specific after care instructions at the end of your appointment. You can also read them online.

Book an Appointment

Our trained health educators will assist you with setting up an appointment at your convenience and will answer any questions you may have. You can schedule your appointment 


What Our Clients Say

I got the best Service at Women's Clinic Brackenfell Cape Town.
Grace Hill
Abortion clinic Brackenfell, Cape Town the Prices are Affordable
Jamie Carter
Thank you Women's Health Clinic Brackenfell, Cape Town for your assistance
Robert Owens

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